TAP LIST Indoor/Outdoor (Updated 22 MARCH MILDNESS 2023)  

MARCH MILDNESS!!! *NEMO - Dark Mild - 3,8% Draught Faucet

a very full flavoured, dark session beer. brewed in the style of an english dark mild. rich, dark and everything. *gluten reduced using enzymes. For-Stay: 8oz 4$ 12oz 5$ 16oz 6$

*UNA VOLTA - Witbier - 6,0% Draught Faucet

our interpretation of an italian-style birra bianca, or ‘white ale.’ beer brewed with orange peel, coriander, juniper-berries, and peppercorn.*gluten reduced using enzymes. For-Stay: 8oz 4$ 12oz 5$ 16oz 6$

*PARITY BLOOM - Double Pale Ale / IPA - 6,6% Draught Faucet 1$ of EVERY PINT SOLD!

a 6,6% hazy, full flavoured, Double Pale Ale. (”ipa”) brewed in collaboration with our neighbours over @yergeybrewing featuring the @pinkbootssociety hop blend from @countrymalt and pa craft malt from @deercreekmalt.  1$ of every pint and can going to @cadc_bethlehem for Women owned businesses in the lehigh valley. For-Stay: 8oz 4$ 12oz 6$ 16oz 7$

*THAT LOUD - Quadruple Pale Ale / TIPA - 10,0% Draught Faucet

a dank, full-flavoured, quadruple pale ale. (”tipa”) featuring a blend of some of the 'loudest’ hops out there including el dorado, sticky fingers, strata, and zappa. *gluten reduced using enzymes. For-Stay: 8oz 5$ 12oz 7$

*NOTHING'S IMPOSSIBLE - Farmhouse / Saison - 5,5% Draught Faucet

a cooperative (crime & punishment and hidden river) saison brewed with malted barley, oats, rye, spelt and raw wheat from @deercreekmalt. brewed with barbe rouge, and callista and fermented in an oak foudre. For-Stay: 8oz $5 12oz 7$

*FASTNACHTATOR - Lenten Lager / Doppelbock - 8,0% LUKR Brand Faucet

our interpretation of a ‘lenten’ strong-lager-bier, or ‘doppelbock.’ full-flavoured and malt-forward. brewed using only Water, german malt, hops, and a preferred blend of lager yeast. For-Stay: 8oz 4$ 12oz 6$ 16oz 7$

MARCH MILDNESS!!! *ANGEL MAKER - Best Mild - 4,0% Nitro Faucet/Beer Engine a best mild exactly as it should be. big flavour, silky mouthfeel, low alcohol, in a sessionable-ale. *gluten reduced using enzymes. For-Stay: 8oz 4$ 12oz 5$ 16oz 6$

w/Social Still: - TRIZZI - Hard Italian Soda - 5.5% 12oz $7 (choice of sirop) DRAUGHT

a nostalgic and cooperative effort brought to you by @socialstilldistillery and us! order it with a natural flavoured sirop and whipped cream, or naked. “trizzi! anyway you say it? it’s a treat!” made with 100% gluten free ingredients.

FRECON CIDERY: - Hard Cidre - 6.0% 12oz $5.50 CAN

from our friends down @freconcidery . estate grown and processed, one of our favourites for sure! choose from dry, semi-dry, sweet, or peach hard cidre. ¡salud!

*MOOEY - Pub Ale - 4,8% Nitro Faucet

a ‘not so ordinary’ bitter. so much so, in fact, we prefer to call it a ‘pub ale.’ brewed with a mélange of european and english malts, american hops, and our preferred house-ale blend of english yeast. when in dobut? make it a mooey. *gluten reduced using enzymes.

*Beer-TO-GO List (Updated 15 February 2023)

bonnbrewing.com for Curbside-Pick-Up and *To-Go

MOOEY pub ale - 4,8% 6-pack x 16oz can 13,95$

NEMO dark mild - 3,8% 4-pack x 16oz can 14,95$

FASTNACHTATOR doppelbock / lentenbier - 8,0% 32oz can 11$


OHR - Pale Lager / Helles - 5,5%

IN RUDE HEALTH - Porter - 6,0%



In the Tanks

this is the stuff we got in the tanks and when it was brewed

cooperation w/ Human Robot FV1- DUST & STONE - Pale Ale - 5,7% 08.03.2023

FV2- SKOOTCH - DPA/IPA - 7,4% 21.03.2023

FV3- MOOEY - Pub Ale - 4,8% 14.03.2023

FOUDRE- YUZU SHIRO - Yuzu Saison - 6,0% 05.10.2022